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CONFED BST carbon fiber wheels

Blackstone Tek is the biggest aftermarket and OEM best carbon fiber wheels manufacturer in the world – more than 22,000 wheels carry the BST name on multiple different sportbikes, superbikes, exotic vehicles and other custom creations.

If you want immediate improvement to performance and direct upscale of your ride style – BST Carbon Fiber Wheels are the only way to go.

BST specialized parts are built for some of the most exclusive bikes and vehicles in the world. Extensive experience in  racing, aeronautical engineering, composites knowledge and motorcycle wheel design makes BST engineering the only choice for top brands and fabricators.

MV5 BST carbon fiber wheels

BST design for after-market and for OEM, we’re chosen for the exceptional performance our carbon fiber wheels and accessories deliver – just look at what our customers say.
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Its no empty boast, with the Awards and Accolades Blackstone Tek has won <<Awards Link>> they are rated as the Best Carbon Fiber Wheels in the world.


BST have been leaders in Carbon Fiber Technology for well over a decade.


BST are the authority when it comes to optimising carbon fibre technology to reduce unsprung weight and to change the moment of inertia – making your bike faster, lighter and easier to handle.  Besides our Award Winning carbon fiber wheels, BST have extended the range to include other complex structural parts. see <<BST Ducati Swingarm>>

Motus-MST-R-land-speed-record-bonneville BST carbon fiber wheels

We are the largest carbon fiber wheels manufacturer in the world, and produce “the BeST Wheels in the World”

see – PS Magazine  German Test Results.>>

Vertemati carbon fiber wheels


Colin Moir ZX10 carbon fiber wheels

An industry where precision, weight, safety and equipment reliability is fundamental.

BlackStone Tek Carbon Fiber wheels are designed to be the most sensational performance enhancement you can add to your ride.  Carbon fibre is the most technologically advanced material on the planet – lightweight, exceedingly strong, beautiful and sexy, it is used on the most exotic sport machines in the world.

BST WHEEL best carbon fiber wheels

We are specialists in its use and application, and we craft our wheels to give you the ride of your life – lower unsprung weight means enhanced performance – it’s a simple matter of physics and we excel in it, as proven by the 22,000 BST wheels on motorcycles all over the world.  BST best carbon fibre wheels for all sport and superbikes are outstanding for both road and for track use.


And NOW . . .  BST Wheels for Cars . . .

After many years of Research and Development, experimentation and honing of skills in the application of carbon fibre, we have developed the BST car wheel.  The first application is for the magnificent lightweight road legal supercar, the VUHL05.  This bespoke wheel proves our specialist skills in designing and producing wheels that meet or exceed all international test requirements.    << See More >>

VUHL-BST carbon fiber wheels  VUHL BST carbon fiber wheels

BST are the leaders in the Composite Carbon Fiber Field.

“This is Carbon Fiber, this is our Engineering, and we sit comfortably with it.” 

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