Comments made by an S1000RR owner

The comments below were made by an S1000RR owner during a phone call to UK BST Distributor HPS. Having bought more than one set of BST wheels, he how asserts they are the best performing, best value and most essential modification you can make to a bike.

hqdefaultwe” I’ve spent some serious money on it [his S1000RR] and it’s now got as good a specification as any Evo Class race bike at the minute, but the best thing I’ve ever spent on it is the BST Carbons. I’ve put all the latest suspension – you know the Bitubo stuff – on it and I’ve gone all the right way and gone with Badovini’s geometry [Ayrton Badovini won the 2010 FIM worlds Superstock Championship riding the S100RR, see note 1 below] so we know what we’re doing with the bike, but I could never …if you could imagine like Hall bends at Cadwell where it’s flick-flick-flick side-to-side, trying to keep the power and keep it going through enough – I used to find the BM really hard work …you know a lot of weight [needed] through the pegs to get it to turn no matter what geometry we used, it just didn’t like it – it would turn… if you know what I mean, like turn on the brake, but to get it to flick side-to-side it was a nightmare, it was horrible, you know through fast chicanes and stuff. Put the BSTs; it’s instant. You just flick …you just think of where the apex is and the bike’s on it. I actually think it would have probably coped – if I’d just set the springing up – with the standard suspension and probably would have been good enough for myself with just the BST carbons, but of course I went, like everybody does, down the expensive suspension route [making lots of other traditional modifications], but the carbons sorted everything to be honest with you and the amount of people I’ve let ride it, Richard Cooper – (see note 2 below) he rode the bike and qualified 4th at the Stars of Darley meeting – he was gobsmacked. The first time he went into the corner he nearly ran up the inside of the track, he just couldn’t believe how quick it was turning. Quite a few other people have now ridden the bike [with the BSTs on] and they all say “I’m going to get a set of them”. I do a lot of track days – probably at least one a week I would say most of the way through the year so you get to know all of the track day junkies and you say to everybody; forget Power Commanders, forget exhaust systems, forget suspension, forget brakes, just bolt a set of BST Carbons in – it’s the single biggest thing you can do. I kept spending money on other things but I honestly think the standard BM would have been good enough if I’d just bolted Carbons in it. And, I sold mine [his original set] for $2000 (see note 3 below). The first time I really tried them when I bolted them in at Cadwell and running exactly the same tyres, same compounds and everything, same geometry, same suspension, just bolting the Carbons in, I couldn’t get on the standard bike below a 1 min 44 sec lap, and I bolted them in and was hitting 1:39s and the best I did was 1:38.09. Now that’s a good 5 seconds a lap on an average track day rider. What other modification could you do to give you 5 seconds? Even if you spent $20,000 [on other modifications] your talent might not give you that [lap time improvement] anyway

1. BMW Motorrad and the BMW S 1000 RR are now able to celebrate their first international title after Ayrton Badovini of Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK secured an early title victory in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, run as a support category to the FIM Superbike World Championship. After the race weekend in Silverstone lead the championship with 175 points and could not have be beaten even of he scored any points in the three remaining rounds. The Italian rider dominated the season and winning nine out of ten races.

2. Richard Cooper has ridden for BMW in several World, European and UK championships for several years:

3. This customer sold his previous used set of BSTs for $2,000, meaning that the cost of having owned them (initial purchase price less the amount recouped when selling) was only around $600. This clearly demonstrates how far BST wheels are ahead in value from the viewpoint of total cost ownership measured against the performance gain they provide.