Random Testimonials

dukati 1299sShake down test done at Scribante  –Trevor Bush‎ 2016 Aug

Even though I had the Ducati magnesium wheels on my 1299S, the switch to BST was remarkable. The weight loss was near to nothing – but how the bike changes direction so much faster….the wheels weight distribution works for me and my times reflect this!






Christopher Cadogan:

“The guys at BST back their product with customer service that’s second to none, their dealer Martin at Motowheels (I have not only bought other items from him but send all my friends in Hotlantabst_triumph_rocket3_xls that see my BST carbon wheels etc and Speedcell battery to his site). If you are serious about getting the best performance with a product that has great dealers and customer service that back their products then I will tell you pay a little more you will get a look that every time you put gas in or stop at a red-light people always go that bike is awesome and those wheels are out of this world !!!!”

“Just thought you might like to see my finished project using BST wheels. I can’t believe how they have transformed the way the bike handles. Not only that, combined with the carbon ceramic discs, the weight is just unbelievable. I’ve included a link should you wish to read the whole story. I’ve included my most recent pics too. I do have more! Should you wish to use any pics please help yourselves.” Check it out on the MCN online news for the full article.


Re: Carbon Rims…good idea?

“So much has been written about carbon rims, but: I’ve had my BSTs for over six years with no problems. On my ’01 K1, I logged hundreds of track miles on every track on the West coast including Diavel-Rear-high-gloss Random Testimonials bigReno Fernley and some, like Pacific Raceways (Kent, WA) have their share of ruts. Plus, thousands of street miles and dozens of tire changes have been trouble-free. Recently, I hit a two inch thick steel construction plate on the Richmond Bridge hard enough that I stopped at the Toll Plaza to file a complaint and inspect my wheels. There was no visible damage and no subsequent air loss. I don’t think any stock or magnesium could have withstood that impact (with my 200#). BSTs make such a huge difference in performance. The suspension works better, the bike accelerates and stops quicker. Of course, flicking thru turns is quicker. Plus, they save loads of unsprung and total weight. IMHO, the best money that can be spent on a motorcycle.”


on the same forum says: “Iif youre gonna get cf wheels dont bother with the dymags! go Blackstones – or dont get anything! I’ve got about 6k street miles on mine and have had no issues outa them. hell within the first couple rides i hit a MASSIVE pot hole and it didnt do anything at all to them! just because theyre not DOT legal doesnt mean that theyre weak. they passed german testing which is more intensive testing than standard DOT from what ive heard. the dymags are glued and bolted together vs all woven together as one, theyre heavier, theyre MOI isnt near what the bst’s are, and IMO they dont look as nice (seen both in person) unfortunately in december i had a high side at 95mph and while my bike didnt flip down the ride the wheels came out unscathed. those wheels were by far the single best component ive added to my bike! if you want any more info PM me….”

Darryl King

– Rocket III rider from Largo, FL:

“The rims are awesome, I have 280 rwhp on the bike now and they are doing just fine. I gotten loads of compliments on them. Best bang for the buck. I�ve written a couple of rider views on the R3 web site telling everyone of the superior quality and workmanship that was put into the BST�s.”

Travis Nesbitt, Racer, Part Canada: ‘

“Hello, I would like to thank your company for designing, manufacturing the best racing wheels bar none in the racing industry today! I am a sport bike rider that is always looking for ways to get quicker lap times. I learned very fast that when you are at the track and you want to win and be up front you need to have the best equipment possible. I always thought that there was no real difference between wheel companies, was I ever wrong. I hope your company never stops pushing the envelope in wheel technology, please never stop putting the racer first! Your company’s commitment to quality is second to none. Your fitment, and durability makes all other companies wishing they were in your league. I was hoping to ask a question, I am getting ready for the 2008 Part Canada series, I was hoping maybe I could possibly get a couple stickers for my CBR600RRs. I was hoping that I could show respect and loyalty to the company the has helped me become a better rider and winner. I just thought that it would be nice that when people walk the pits or see me in the winner’s circle they would see that BST is the choice of winners! Thank you again for all the support and giving all the private riders a chance to have the same performance that the pro’s get. Thank you for putting the rider first! To me that’s performance!”

Charles H Garrett – Rider, Texas:

“I love your (BST) wheels, they make such a differance on the street and track that you cannot even explain it to someone that has never rode on them (BST wheels). Thanks again. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I have nothing but kindness for you. Thanks again and you have earned my business forever.”

Johh Harvey, President, Erospace Tech Inc.

Kevlar fuel cells for high performance sport bikes: ” fantastic performance!!!!!!!!!!! would have never believed it until I rode it. WOW!!! “

Robert D. Cole, Executive Vice President of Craven Thompson & Associates: “Here’s a couple of pictures of my BST’s in action. I’ve won several races and a championship with them. I am very happy with their performance and hopefully have sent several customers your way.”

Random Testimonials :Baldy on the gixxer.com site: MG6,

“Yep, they are real carbon fiber. The front weighs 2495g and the rear (including the carrier) weighs 4627g (the wheel 3833g and the carrier 794g). I weighed a rear Marchesini and it was 6980g total mstr-wheelsweight. The front Marchesini was 4400g. (notice that the rear BST is only slightly heavier than the Marchesini front). The real difference is where the weight is distributed. On the Marchesinis, the weight is throughout the entire rim. On the BST’s, there is hardly any weight on outer edge. Most of the weight is in the hub/carrier. This translates into an even larger difference in rotating mass. I handed the rims to one of my buddies and he remarked, “It falls up”. It was like an optical illusion when you picked it up. You can’t imagine that something could be so light. My first impressions of riding the bike is that it falls into turns. It feels like a 125 it turns in so easy. Mid corner adjustments are a “think it and it comes true” item. The bike also accelerates harder/quicker and brakes harder/quicker (via seat of the pants). A buddy rode my bike and couldn’t belive the difference. Now I’ve just got to go through and sort out my suspension settings again. Because of the wheels, Harris swingarm, Penske shock and Traxxion forks, I can literally feel every little squirm that the bike makes. Feedback is awesome. Another thing that I forgot to talk about was the need to be very smooth. Since the gyroscopic effect of the wheels is a lot less than the Marchesini or stock wheels, if you are not smooth, you are going to feel it. I particularly need to lessen my death grip on the bars. As far as crash worthiness, a guy up here hit a rock (bigger than a softball) at 70 mph. The lip of the rim was fugged up but it did not break the bead and the tire held air. If it had been a metal rim, it would have taco’d and the guy would have had an ugly accident. Martin at Motowheels (where I got the rims) said that at a parts show a rep from BST was bouncing a bare rim on the cement floor all day and it did no damage. He also said that it broke the testing equipment twice (the equipment used to test the road worthiness of wheels) in Europe somewhere. ”

John Gregory of Gregory Designs:

“So the frame on your home page looks like the MotoCzysz frame. I heard it was from South Africa, but had no idea it was from you… Good on ya, mates!” May 2007.

Mark Sidler of Nova Scotia, Canada:

“The wheels are absolutely stunning. Thank you for making a superb product.” March 2007. Jack Anstice of Australia: I tested my BST wheels at Phillip Island which is the fastest track in MotoGP!! I went from being average in the medium-slow group at trackdays to INSTANTLY being FAST in the fast group, possibly dropping about 7 SECONDS per 4.5 kilometre lap. Turning my average speed of 135 km/h into a jawdropping 177 km/h. These wheels are ridiculously good. Anything road-registered is like it is going in reverse as I fly past them!”.

Arthur Bell:

“Once I got used to the new placement of my body, the amount of effort it took to change direction for turns was day and night. It was SOOOO much easier to turn in, I found that I could move my braking markers much closer to the turn and carry more corner speed and stop much faster, I am guessing that has to do with the reduction in rotation mass!! I love my wheels, love how easy the bike is to turn, and for the narcissist in me, I LOVE the look!!”

Greg Hoover of Hawaii:

“The wheel arrived yesterday safe and sound just in time for the weekend. I have it installed and everything is just fine. Thanks to you and everyone at BST for your excellent customer support. Aloha, Greg.”

Larry Fore:

“I just received my wheels from Kosman Specialties and mounted them on my drag race V Rod. Unbelievable the smoothness of the power. Lost 26#’s of weight.”

Random Testimonials :Sandy Kosman of Kosman Specialties, California:

“It’s not often that I am overwhelmed by something I have purchased, but this time I am – (1) the finish on the wheels was great (2) machining was great (3) packaging was great.”

FAST Bikes (UK) FB Longtermers: Moby’s CBR1000RR.

“By far the biggest change I made to the ‘Blade was the addition of the BST Carbon Wheels and Braking Wavy discs… The handling was absolutely transformed from slightly heavy and slow steering,Random Testimonials to light and rapid. Flicking the bike between corners takes no more effort than on a CBR600, and the amount of input through the bars is minimal – you can pretty much steer it through the pegs. Acceleration was improved, as was braking, and the bike felt lighter than the weight saving would suggest it should … get a ride on your bike with carbon wheels, and tell me it’s not worth it.”

Australian Motorcycle News:

“Adding the BST wheels had some really positive effects on the Project CBR, which we have had for 18 months. On the road, the reduced weight is noticeable the moment you accelerate away from standstill, and the lightweight 600 feels even lighter still in the steering, as well as super fast … Braking distances are shorter too, and the looks are hard to top.”

Australian Motorcycle News On their long term project Honda CBR600RR:

“The weird bit is how it handles – 5.25kg doesn’t look too impressive a number, but when that weight is hanging off the suspension in the form of the BST carbon fibre wheels given to us by Geelong Composites to play with, it makes a big difference. The moment any forward momentum occurs, whether you’re pushing it or riding it, it feels lighter, with less effort needed to get the Pirelli Super Corsas spinning, it accelerates harder, in other words – though there’s nothing weird in that – then you turn a corner … so much less steering effort was required … less spinning mass is the reason. … I was able to leave hitting the brakes until substantially after the standard bikes braking marker. … the BST carbon fibre wheels have a far greater effect on the bike’s performance that I expected … “

Fast Bikes (UK):

“Quite simply the best addition I’ve made to the ‘Blade this year. They cost me more than a small island off the coast of Spain, but they’re worth it. Improved handling, acceleration and braking – and they look cooler than a family of penguins in an ice bath.”

BST distributor RAM (Race Application Monaco)

has fascinating information about the performance of BSTs at the Calafat race track The MV was kitted with dynamic data recording equipment which was used to literally draw the bike’s trajectory and show the difference that BSTs make on the circuit – better performance in the turns as well as faster acceleration gave faster lap times. Click here for the MotoSprint article written by Claudio Corsetti after he rode with BSTs, and his analysis of the difference, as well as the trajectory drawings. Sport Rider (USA): “These 5 spoke carbon-fiber wheels are easily the lightest 17-inch hoops in the test, and also have the lowest MoI of the 17-inchers.”

R1 rider in the UK:Random Testimonials yamaha

“My friend and I race identical 2000 R1s in the UK PowerBike Championship. My friend fitted BST wheels to his bike which I’ve just tested at Brands short circuit and was shocked after only a few laps to find myself lapping three seconds faster than ever before. I also couldn’t believe how the bike now turns faster and holds a tighter line. I’ve tried two makes of magnesium and aluminium race wheels before, but could tell no worthwhile difference and my lap times hardly altered. That’s why I’m ordering a pair of BSTs from you now!”

Ducati 999 rider in the UK:

“I was expecting a small difference but they’ve completely transformed the bike. Instantly the front steers almost as quickly as my 954 FireBlade did, overcoming the 999′;s biggest problem of disappointingly slow turn-in, and you can feel stronger acceleration.”

Direct Imaging Resources  -Tested the BST wheels.

“After waiting several weeks because of bad weather to test our newly acquired BST wheels, I must say I am much more impressed than I thought I would be.
The acceleration is just astonishing (we have removed 11 lbs. of rotating weight other than the wheels, ie: wave rotors and Ti bolts, 520 chain and sprockets, cryogized alum. clutch plates, machined flywheel) … one of the best power improvements we have ever made and we never had to open up the motor.
The ability to flick it through the esses was very much like a racing bicycle… hardly any effort at all. We rode about 300 miles and it felt much like we only went 200. Before adding the wheels, I had to wrestle the bike through the corners… now it’s soooo much easier. Both the rear and front suspension felt like we had just rebuilt them… with less unsprung weight, they reacted like there was nothing attached to them. I am VERY impressed with the results. After waiting for the last year to get these and then having to wait even longer to get the correct flange, it was all worth it!!! We can highly recommend these wheels to anyone riding on the street and doing track days. They will even make you a smoother rider….. the first 30 MPH corner I came to and opened the throttle at the apex, the front tire came completely off the ground as I was at full lean. That got my attention… now I have to be much smoother with the gas with faster lap times.

Please relay my appreciation to the other members of your organization for producing such a great product. And again, thank you so much for helping us get the proper flange so we could get this project on the road again. Best regards, Randy McCarter Direct Imaging Resources You can use anything that I have said or referenced to in any way you wish … glad to help. And, it was all so easy … just the plain truth. One thing I didn’t mention was the way in which I could slow the bike down for the corners. With such a reduction in rotating weight, I barely had to use any brakes. In fact, I was letting off the gas at the same markers I used with the stock wheels and it was WAY too soon. You can take these wheels in 50% deeper before hitting the brakes.

Everyone keeps asking me “How much difference in weight are they?”; … what I tell them is “The BST wheels have such a great reduction in weight from about 2 inches past the center line to the outer part of the rim that no other rim can compete. That is the most important area of weight reduction when it comes to comparing rotating weights”

Superbike January 2003: Jamie Wilkens (test rider):

“what else can you do to a bike – for that money – to make it so much faster?”

Random Testimonials :Claudio Corsetti of MOTO SPRINT said:

“These wheels were the only thing the SPS needed to get close to perfection, never mind the 999” And he added: “;These wheels are better than 20 extra bhp in the engine! “ Results from Calafat – 40 press riders put all makes and models to the test, and the BlackStone Tek / RAM Ducati 996 SPS 2000 steals Pole Position! The RAM/DUCATI, a stock specimen in all respects, when shoed with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, lowered her best lap time from 1′ 32″ 25/100 to 1′ 31″05/100 meanwhile bettering by 4 Kmh the end of the straight speed, from 234 to 238 Kmh! . . . neither the 2003 GSXR 1000, nor any other 2003 sportbike present, were able to better the lap time of the RAM/BST/DUCATI 996 SPS. “(See www.ram.mc for details)

Doug Polen riding at Suzuka on BlackStone Tek wheels:

“I used both front and rear wheels at Suzuka and love the performance advantage” Although I’ve had sets of magnesium wheels on motorcycles and cars, your carbon fiber wheels are amazing. They are a high quality product that looks great. But the best part is the improvement in performance. My ’01 GSXR1000 now turns in quicker, and more precisely,stops quicker, and most impressive: accelerates much faster (something the Gixxer really needs). Please accept my complements and best wishes in the future. You may use my statements.”

Doug Abadie Berkeley, California

“Dear Dino Congratulations on the pole position and proving that the 996 is still the king of superbikes, even though with some considerable help from BST. The BST wheels rock! They improved my 996S so drastically that it now feels feather-light, handles even more superbly (if that is possible for a bike so excellent already), accelerates like the wind and stops on a dime. Many thanks for the wheels, Dino. All the best, Ilian