The Unique BST Carbon Composite Wheel

The Unique BST 5 or 7 Spoke Carbon Composite Wheel

MV3-2-largeThe unique BST 5 or 7spoke carbon composite wheel is made using the state of the art technology, materials and manufacturing processes. This lightweight and exceedingly strong wheel is suitable for both racing and street use. The wheels have been tested at Rim Technology, Eurotype Test Centre and German TUV, and passed all the tests for road certification. And most important of all, our wheels are unique in that they are created as a single unit – we do not bond pieces together.

BST wheels are unique – monocoque (single unit) design with 5 or 7 hollow spokes and are suitable for both street and race use.

BST wheels will save you anything between 40% – 60% in weight, and more importantly, are designed to deliver the lowest Moment of Inertia – the critical factor that affects the performance of the bike.

Because we can engineer with carbon fiber and maximize on its properties of high strength and low weight, we have reduced the weight in the spokes and rim without compromising strength. The weight is therefore concentrated in the hub, which means that rotational inertia is reduced, making the bike easier to handle, and allowing you to accelerate quicker and brake later. So not only is the wheel lighter, but it is engineered for maximum performance.