R1 PowerBike with BST’s

R1 rider in the UK:Random Testimonials yamaha

“My friend and I race identical R1s in the UK PowerBike Championship. My friend fitted BST wheels to his bike which I’ve just tested at Brands short circuit and was shocked after only a few laps to find myself lapping three seconds faster than ever before. I also couldn’t believe how the bike now turns faster and holds a tighter line. I’ve tried two makes of magnesium and aluminum race wheels before, but could tell no worthwhile difference and my lap times hardly altered. That’s why I’m ordering a pair of BSTs from you now!”

I have them on my 06 and they are the single, most effective mod I’ve done, followed closely by the Ohlins shock. I think they’re worth every cent, I’ve had them for four years, and every time I ride it, I notice it. Absolutely worth the money.