Norton’s 200hp V4 Superbike Plans Revealed!

Norton’s 200hp V4 Superbike Plans Revealed!


A Norton super bike has been discussed since back in 2008 when the business was re-energized by entrepreneur Stuart Garner but we haven’t got a chirp since then, until now that is.

According to Norton’s Head of Design, Simon Skinner, this new class of Norton motorcycle will feature a brand new V4 engine, designed, built and crafted utilizing the best of British racing’s tradition and knowledge. They’re even calling in help from us guys from BST, at Formula One and a few favors from Aston Martin to guarantee that this super bike truly has the ‘wow’ factory. norton-reveals-the-plans-of-their-200-hp-1200cc-v4-superbike_2To raise your eyebrows, Norton have let slip that they plan to build a fuel injected and liquid cooled 1200cc engine with an output of more than 200 hp, which should turn a few heads, at the very least – a task that they’ve assigned Ricardo Motorcycles to develop. On top of that, Norton also plans to race into the 21st century with a wide range of Gran Prix style gadgetry and enough on board tech and Carbon Fiber to make this new (currently nameless) Norton able to compete with the some of the best sports bikes out there.

With an engine that boasts optimum performance, Norton also plan to give the bike a body worthy of the Norton name, complete with carbon fiber fairings, an aerospace aluminum and billet frame and sporty single sided swing arm, as well as our BST Carbon Fiber Wheels to boot. Apparently, the shapes that Norton’s designers have thought up for this new model are too complicated, thus ruling out using plastic for the fairings. All of the work will be undertaken by British engineers at their British base in Great Britain’s Midlands – it’s so British, something’s bound to go wrong.

Hopefully they give us a shout here at BST before that – so we can help!

norton-reveals-the-plans-of-their-200-hp-1200cc-v4-superbike_5OK, time for the price. While nothing is confirmed yet, we do know that the Norton will come out in two versions: a standard and a premium. Comparing the Norton with the Panigale and Superleggera, a good estimate would place the Norton somewhere between the $40k to $45 region for the standard model. For the premium, it’s worth considering the cost of the Superleggera and pitching it at around price, $84k, which is a phenomenal amount of money.

So there you have it. No name. No definitive price. No talk of availability. It’s one for the wealthy riders only. But it is a new Norton though…