Hitting a curb square at 80mph on BST’s

Comment from – Jerry J Morris · Principal and Founder at Veracity Traffic Group
I have BST Wheels on all my bikes, and the thing nobody picks up on is the safety side for street riders. I had my bike hit a curb square at 80mph, thanks to my brother hitting me from behind and on the side that it veered him into a curb. He stepped off and the bike hit very hard.

When we picked the 1198M up, the front tire was intact and holding air. WHAT??? Yes, holding air just fine. When you’re ripping down the freeway and you hit a 4×4 strut or something in the road, hold on, your tire and wheel will be fine.

No catastrophic shatters like a Marchisini or any other alloy wheel set out there. My icon pic, is the bike that hit the curb. Still on the road, with the same wheel. I love’em enough to put them on every bike I own and its the first thing I do to a new bike.

So far, 1198, 1098, 1299s, MV Agusta F3 800…
That’s how much I love BLACKSTONE TEK products!!!!