Race Of Champions

VUHL 05 ROC EDITION on BST Bespoke Wheels

0-100 KPH 3.2 seconds
Top speed 245kph (152mph)
Power 285bhp, 422bhp per tonne

Engine 2-litre, 4-cylinder
Weight 1488lbs / 675kg

The VUHL 05 ROC Edition is a road-legal lightweight supercar that has been precision engineered for the track and endowed with exhilarating performance. The car’s provenance is truly international – its handling was optimised in the UK and the carbon fibre bodies are fabricated in Canada, while the chassis production and final assembly are conducted in Mexico City by Adman Leku.

The exclusive carbon fibre wheels are bespoke to the VUHL 05ROC Edition provided by Blackstone Tek (BST). Weighing in at 4.5kg for the 17” wheels, designed in Turin by Esiste and TUV approved, they are the lightest carbon wheel on the market, which are now available on sale. Contact BST for more info .

Juan Pablo Montoya emerged victorious in his first participation in the Race of Champions, defeating Tom Kristensen in the final of the individual competition of the Marlins Park, Miami event.

Montoya  pushed out the world’s best drivers including Jenson Button, Travis Pastrana, Petter Solberg and last year’s Champion Of Champions Sebastian Vettel to take on the challenging circuit in the new VUHL 05 ROC Edition supercar.

The VUHL 05 ROC Edition has been specially modified and tested exhaustively in the run-up to the Race Of Champions to ensure the finest drivers in the world experience all of the car’s capability around the challenging tight and twisty circuit. The bespoke rear wing will provide maximum downforce whilst the limited slip-differential will demand respect from the drivers.

Coulthard  and Kirstensen in the Vuhl’s