After more than 10,000 km on My BST’s

I have your wheels on my Multistrada, I could write a book on how awesome they are, best money I ever spent on a bike aftermarket part.

After more than 10,000 km on these rims I couldn’t be happier, and they still shine up like new.
Most of my rides are long distance into peninsula Malaysia, with six hours and more in the saddle on a normal day.

When I fitted the wheels I noticed three things:

The smaller radius of gyration completely changed the acceleration and braking characteristic.  The are a lot of toll gates here, and I have a pretty standard acceleration and short-shifting routine back up to cruising speed, and when I subconsciously did it the first time with the new wheels I was 30 km/h faster than I thought, it was so effortless pulling away.  Similarly braking is much easier and stopping distances are shorter as well.  This effect is well documented, but it truly can be felt.

 The second thing is the nimbleness of the steering and how easily the bike changes direction, again a noticeable difference, at all speeds.

 The third thing I noticed is not often described, but one of the biggest improvements to my mind, and that is because of the lower unsprung mass, the tyre does less rebound work and the springs and shocks work sooner, so where before going over a one inch expansion joint step was a jolt, the bike now does not feel it as much.  Quite remarkable to feel and a very noticeable difference.

I tell everyone that this is the best performance part that can be added to any bike !

They don’t break any laws and won’t get you into trouble.

 Best regards