Ducati Superleggera on BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

BST Torque – Issue I

Ducati Superleggera on BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

DUCATI Superleggera – smarter, faster and on Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ducati’s 1299 Superleggera is the first ever factory bike to be equipped with a carbon fibre frame, swingarm, sub frame and wheels.
With only 500 being made the 1299 Panigale Superleggera offers an exclusive ride to its owners and during the presentation at EICMA in 2016, Dominecali insinuated that riding this bike gives exactly the same feeling as Chaz Davies’ race bike.

What makes the Superleggera stand out from the rest is that it makes use of the Panigale frameless system, whereby the engine makes up most of the frame, but what little frame there is made almost entirely of carbon-fibre. As indicated by BikeSA.net the weight saving is incredible with the main frame being 40% lighter than the unit on the standard Panigale, and the swingarm saving 18%t. The wheels are also carbon-fibre (built in South Africa by BST) and save 26% weight at the front and 44% at the rear. The rear tailpiece and the fairings are also all carbon-fibre. And all this weight saving has had an impact – the entire motorcycle weighs 167kg with Euro4 compliance, and with all fluids except fuel.

To lighten the load by 3.1 lbs and provide a 26 % reduction in rolling resistance at the front and 44 % at the back DUCATI forsakes aluminium wheels for carbon-fibre ones to enhance handling of this superb super bike.

Norton V4-SS on BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Norton’s New V4 SS the personalised Motorcycle

The Carbon Fibre look on Norton’s VR SS has certainly grabbed the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts. Although Norton only produced 200 versions of the V4 SS, they were all claimed in November 2016.

1200cc carbon-clad sport bike, claiming a maximum output of more than 200 hp and a dry weight of 395 pounds.

Choose between the RR and SS versions both offering a unique design and style. With the RR model showing off its plain carbon bodywork and chrome being an optional upgrade you can’t go wrong. Or choose the SS version available in either the chrome effect or plain carbon, with matching carbon BST wheels. BST also produced the V4’s carbon fibre fuel tank, which has been reinforced with kevlar and chemically treated to safely hold gasoline.

Ariel ACE R

Ariel – The Exclusive ACE R a Personalised Motorcycle on BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

“Motorcyclists have a real passion for their machines. They like them to be individual and they want them to be their bike, not just another bike identical to hundreds or thousands of others. The usual route is to buy a standard bike and then add various aftermarket components to change the bike into what they want. However with the Ace the uniqueness is built in as the bike is produced and each one will be as individual as its owner.” said Simon Saunders, Director of Ariel.

Each Ace motorcycle will be hand built by one Ariel technician in an individual build bay, as with the Atom sports car, giving customers an even greater degree of personal relationship with the build of their motorcycle and the person building it, to the point of being able to visit their bike in build. Only when an Ariel technician is satisfied will the motorcycle gain his personal build plate and move on to final testing and inspection.

Recognizable by the carbon fibre minimalistic bodywork, black pearl frame, gold anodized parts, and carbon fibre wheels the Ariel Ace R comes as a Limited Edition model and only 10 models will be made and sold worldwide.

The carbon wheels show a 50% weight saving over the alloy wheels and centralise weight due to the lighter rim, resulting in improved performance and handling.

Wheel Specs:

  • Front: 17” x 3.5”
  • Rear: 17” x 6”
VUHL 05RR on Carbon Fiber Wheels

VUHL – BST gets in on the car scene / BST Carbon Wheels goes to The Goodwood Festival of Speed with VUHL

VUHL’s 05RR road registered but track focussed supercar is fitted with BST Carbon Fibre Wheels.

These exclusive carbon fibre wheels are bespoke to the VUHL 05ROC Edition weighing in at 4.5kg for the 17” wheels, designed in Turin by Esiste, they are the lightest carbon wheels on the market. Let us know which fitments would interested you by clicking HERE.

According to VUHL technical director Iker Echeverria they have upgrade this car in every area to make it faster, more engaging and more aggressive and the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a Mecca for performance car enthusiasts and also the perfect place to reveal the stunning new 05RR.

Top pro-drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Juan Pablo Montoya and Travis Pastrana had the chance to push VUHL 05 ROC Edition to the limit. This lightweight model is perfectly fit for short and curvy circuits and for this reason the Mexican sport car is a 6-speed manual, with a 2.0 litre engine that produces 288 hp, and 420 Nm of torque. How quickly does the VUHL sprint from 0-60? It takes 3.2 seconds, reaching maximum speed at 152 mph. And the car only weighs 1,488 pounds, thanks to all the carbon fibre body parts.