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Technical & Test I

In addition to the BST range of products, BST Engineering works closely with customers and partners to produce a wide range of components – our team is experienced in design and material engineering ensuring the best possible application of carbon fibre for divergent needs.

Here is a summary of BST Engineering capabilities and our development and production process

Clean Rooms

cleanPrecise delivery on a range of complex projects is achieved with a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise. BST Engineering has two temperature controlled clean rooms with capacity for 30 round-the-clock laminating staff.





Prototype Development

designPrototype development allows for the creation of products for client approval. 









Final conceptualisation sign off leads to the FEA evaluation of your component under simulated tailored load conditions, allowing the true evaluation of performance. Through this iterative process, a final product is shaped.


inhouse testProducts are evaluated and finalised through in-house test facilities.


Following final validation, documentation of proposed ply books and geometries are compiled and submitted to our clients for approval. BST Engineering ensures that the final product will meet all requirements.


The in-house spray booth and oven allows temperature and dust-controlled processing of components of up to 4m x 6m.


storageOn-site temperature controlled storage facilities for Pre-Preg Composite Material, 100% material tracking and traceability from storage to dispatch.







The automated CNC ply cutter results in high volume, high speed production. Material cutting is performed in a temperature and contaminant-controlled environment.


inspectionBST has a fully automated CMM inspection with a measuring tolerance of 1,8 μm. 10 Quality Checks are completed with a total of 146 inspected items.







machineingSeven lathes, one vertical lathe and six milling machines are used to process all of the components and moulds at our facility. BST Engineering’s measuring instruments are calibrated by an accredited laboratory whilst our machining department manufacture the majority of the components required for assembly.  We use Mastercam programming software.

We machine and inspect our parts in a temperature controlled room, regulated to 21°C. Critical dimensions are measured on each part to ensure that the parts remain in tolerance. Each stage of the machining process is inspected and approved before the batch is completed.


The in-house anodising process produces an ISO 7599, ISO 2360 and ISO 2143 conforming protective anodic coating of our aluminium components – either a clear or black finish.


 Project Conceptualisation

prototypeFundamental to the creation of an accurate component is a well-defined scope. Through direct interaction, the project is developed into a workable and planned structure.

With regular sign off intervals, our experienced engineering team will create or fine-tune your conceptual idea into an optimal composite solution.





BST Engineering facilities are ISO9001 approved. Unique serial number identification allows for full traceability of material and process. Ultrasonic testing on aluminium material is to SAE STD ASM 2154 standard. Computer Tomography of structural composite components is used for minor void detection and we have a machining facility with a Capability Process Index (Cpk) of 1,67.


The latest Solidworks CAD software is used to generate our 3D designs which are evaluated and optimised using FEA software. All designs go through a stringent approval process before manufacturing begins.


toolingThe materials used for the manufacture of the moulds are plastic tool steels DIN1.2378, DIN 1.2311 and DIN 1.2312. Aluminium is used for moulds with low volume production. We have a range of tooling at our disposal to machine the moulds. Years of experience in mould design enable us to create the moulds for any geometry; from basic to complex.

We have the facility to machine round billets to a diameter of Ø 850 mm (33.5 inches) for wheel moulds.









In-house Testing

By performing in-house testing BST Engineering fully understand each product’s capabilities and constraints, allowing us to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. Each product’s key properties are characterised and optimised. This is then used to improve the accuracy of any future FEA.

For motorcycle wheel designs, the following standards are considered crucial”

ISO 8644-2006
TUV No. 287 StVZO 1998
JASO T203-85
BS AU 50

For passenger car wheel designs, the following standards are considered crucial”

ISO 3006-2005
ISO 7141-2005
TUV No. 287 StVZO 1998
SABS 1208
SAE J175-2016
BS AU 52

The most arduous tests from each standard are performed, along with any other notable strength tests.

For wheel testing, we have three tests namely:

  1. Impact Test Rig
  2. Rotational Bending Fatigue Test
  3. Torsional Fatigue Test

Only once the testing team is satisfied with the properties and strength of the product will it be approved for production.

Production Capabilities

inhouse 2Equipment:

14 CNC machines for part and tool manufacturing
1 Robotic arm
2 Autoclaves
3 Ovens
1 Temperature Controlled Aero Cure Spray Booth
1 CNC ply cutter
1 fully automated CMM inspection machine
60 steel wheel moulds



Staff:     47 Permanent staff members, including:

5 Design engineers
38 Permanent production staff, including
7 Machinists
Part preparation technicians
Layup technicians


2BST Engineering assembly process utilises precise tooling and quality control in order to accurately and consistently assemble the most advanced automotive wheel.
Each fastener used conforms to its relative dimension standard and is of HV10 hardness as per ISO 898. Fasteners are plated according to DIN 50979 in either a chrome or black finish and are de-embrittled in order to achieve optimal fatigue properties. Every batch under goes an appropriate salt-spray test.







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