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Blackstone Tek are the biggest aftermarket OEM carbon fiber wheel manufacturer in the world

– more than 22,000 wheels carry the BST name on multiple different sportbikes, superbikes, exotic vehicles and other custom creations.

If you want immediate improvement to performance and direct upscale of your ride style – BST aftermarket OEM carbon fiber  products are the only way to go.

BST specialized aftermarket OEM carbon fiber parts are built specifically for some of the most exclusive bikes and vehicles in the world. Extensive experience in  racing, aeronautical engineering, composites knowledge and motorcycle wheel design makes BST engineering the choice for of top brands and fabricators.



Ducati_Swingarm aftermarket OEM carbon fiber aftermarket OEM carbon fiber  

Aeromobil 1aftermarket OEM carbon fiber  VUHL BST -wheels aftermarket OEM carbon fiber  Vhul car-wheel-aftermarket OEM carbon fiber