BST swingarm

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Carbon Fiber BST swingarm

The BST swingarm for Ducati Superbikes made to the same exacting standards as BST Wheels

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BSTswingarm1W-largeDesigned and manufactured carbon fiber BST swingarm specifically for the Ducati Superbike range of motorcycles.

These BST swingarm works of art are made to the same exacting standards as BST wheels – the world’s best carbon wheels for motorcycles.  Just as our BST wheels have been engineered for high strength and low weight, dramatically reducing rotational inertia, so too does the BST swing-arm benefit from the same high strength and low weight advantages.




The BST swingarm is based on the Corse racing Swingarm – 16mm longer than the 1098/1198/848 OEM part, and 24mm shorter than the Fighter 1098/848.  Better adjustability on the sprocket and wider range of sprockets can be used.  Approximately 2kg lighter than the OEM part, further reducing unsprung weight with advantage of increased stiffness.

There is nothing quite like it anywhere on this planet! If you already have the wheels, you will definitely lust after the swing-arm, because there is no performance upgrade that achieves as much as BST carbon fiber.


Made for Ducati superbikesBSTswingarm1W-large

  • Featuring the BST badge of engineering excellence
  • If you have experienced BST wheels, try adding this carbon work of art
  • When performance gains have no bounds! 
  • Light. Strong. Beautiful.BSTswingarm3W-large
  •  Performance & Handling
  • Best performance upgrade a bike can get


Imagine your Ducati masterpiece with BST wheels and BST swingarm in beautiful, light-weight carbon fiber

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