BST Reseller – Terms & Conditions

Applicant hereby applies to Blackstone TEK for approval to resell Blackstone TEK carbon fiber wheels and other structural parts subject to the terms and conditions stated in this application. Upon signing (clicking submit) this agreement you confirm that you understand the following:

  • Prices are based on the BST retail price per set which will be published on our website.
  • Price levels apply to all Dealers / Distributors.
  • Dealers must be registered in order to get any Discount level.
  • Your order will determine your Level as 1, 2 or 3.
  • Once your Level is established, shipping will apply according to the number of sets ordered. If you are on Level 3 and you order only 3 sets, the cost of shpping will be at yhe pricing level for 3 sets at a time (Level 1).
  • Existing Dealers / Distributors: your level will be set by your historical purchasing.
  • Discount structure does not apply to the wheels for the Grom or for the 300cc bikes, ceramic bearings and paint finishes – there is a single discount for thise = 20%.
  • Prices exclude shipping, taxes, duties, etc.
  • You are most welcome to use your own shippers if you prefer – just send us the instructions.
  • Level 1 shipping: using the postal service EMS with tracking number and no insurance = 7 – 10 working days delivery.
  • Level 2 & 3 shipping: using our usual shipper Air Freight = 3 – 5 days delivery.
  • Details of configurations and part numbers can be found on the BST Parts List.

a. The applicant understands and agrees that taxes, duties, etc. are to be dealt with by them at entry.
b. Applicants can reduce costs by means of bulk shipping and cost effective ground transportation.
c. Your company should be considered a technical authority on our wheels and fitments, and you should be able to supply sprockets and other accessories.
d. Your website should be authoritative, have adequate links to our website, and our wheels should be prominently displayed.
e. Your competitive advantage can be developed by holding adequate stock and or have extensive list of customers.
f. Any misrepresentation made in this Application shall give Blackstone TEK the right to terminate any resulting or subsequent Dealer Contract(s).
g. Applicants acknowledge and accepts the terms and conditions of this Application and confirms that all information provided to Blackstone TEK by the Applicant ir on behalf of the owner and and shall be true, correct and complete to the best of the Applicant’s knowledge.


Privacy Notice
This Application Form requires that you submit certain personal information to the company. Before you submit any personal information to us, you should be aware of how it will be used. We will use this information in order to process your application to become a Blackstone TEK dealer and for the purpose of corresponding with you about the dealership application. We may also share this information with our affiliates and subsidiaries throughout the world for these same purposes. We will keep your information in our systems only for as long as needed, and in any case no longer than five years.
The information you submit to us may be transferred to other countries that may not have adequate laws in place for the protection of personal information. In the event that your personal information needs to be transferred to a country that does not have adequate Data Protection laws, Blackstone TEK will endeavor to ensure that the information is kept secure.
Money Laundering and Crime Prevention.
To prevent crime, to verify your identity, we may exchange information with fraud prevention and other organizations involved in crime prevention.
Information held by fraud prevention agencies may be used by lenders and insurers when making decisions about you or others at your address(es) for credit-related services or motor, household, credit, life or other insurance facilities, debt tracing, claims assessment and to verify identities to prevent money laundering. If at any time you wish to access, correct or update any personal information in our possession, please contact us at the following address: