India’s Biggest Bike Aficionado

India’s Biggest Bike Aficionado

Dhoni New Bike HELLCAT India’s Biggest Bike Aficionado

BST Wheels In India –  India’s Biggest Bike Aficionado  Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Biopic Trailer Released. The most successful Indian cricket team captain till date is known for his love for motorcycles.

Here he is on the Confederate X132 Hellcat from the tribe of some of the most exotic motorcycles available on the planet right now that sport a pair of our BST carbon Fiber Wheels .

Mahendra is one of the few cricketers in the country who do not need any introduction. The man is even well known among those who know nothing about cricket. The star cricketer is also known for his exotic collection of motorcycles and his love for his machines over the years. Recently, the trailer of his much-awaited biopic ‘M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story’ has also released, which has only left us with more and more goosebumps. The upcoming movie is all set to hit the screens on 30th September, 2016.

BST wheels on the Lotus motorcycle

Lotus motorcycle:  Designed by Daniel Simon, creator of the Tron Legacy Lightcycles and the Bubbleship from the movie Oblivion

lotusThe Lotus C-01 was revealed as a 3D computer mockup in 2013, and the world was stunned by its combination of a radical body shape with the legendary Lotus name, never previously associated with motorcycles. The concept was sketched out by former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon, who is best known in the 2-wheel world for the Tron Legacy Lightcycle. Press and Internet observers were further stunned in 2014 to see the computer model had actually been built in a form very close to the fantasy—a rare occurrence with computer concepts.

The original carbon fiber monocoque idea was swapped for a far more practical chromoly trellis tube frame, built by Kalex, which is partly owned by the Holzer Group, who put this Lotus motorcycle project together. The swingarm is an aluminum casting, fully capable of handling all that power, and road tests of the Lotus have been resoundingly positive. It was projected the Lotus C-01 would have 200hp, but the production model uses a 175hp KTM 1195cc V-twin from the RC8R superbike. The chassis is state of the art, with 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear suspension, upside-down Sachs forks, and a carbon-fiber shell built of 12 sections.

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Cool BST Bikes

Max Grundy Ducati Monster

Ducati with BST Carbon Fiber wheels

BST Carbon Fiber wheels

Shown at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, this masterpiece, sporting  BST Carbon Fiber wheels  built by Trenton Ulicny, was photographed and generally gawked at by more than 50,000 people.

We look forward to getting the pics from the BMW magazine photoshoot recently done on this work of art.


ODD BIKEwith BST Carbon Fiber wheels

Bienville Legacy
The American Super Bike
True designers can conceive, sketch, fabricate and build a motorcycle from start to finish. J.T. Nesbitt is one of these few true designers. The Bienville Legacy is the much-anticipated follow up to Nesbitt’s seminal Confederate Wraith.

BST wheels as well as fork and swingarm blades adorn this creative masterpiece.

Gold Standard Grom on BST’s

Hey Terry, We have our race Grom with BST wheels..

This year will be the 3rd time we will be competing in the 24 hour endurance race on our grom. We’ve taken 1st place last 2 years so we are defending champs. grom - owned by chris lee

Last year, when the competition saw us with your BST wheels, they tried to get them banned, now everyone is buying them to compete with us. Our bike has become a gold standard!

Thanks again!



BeST Wheels By Far

Blackstone takes the Win! – German  Wheels Test

The Best Carbon Fiber Wheels in the World ( apologies  – Google translate from the original German )

PS Judgement Summary



Lighter wheels yes or no? Ask the most experienced driver. What do they bring? They improve the handling?  Is it worth the investment? Are there any disadvantages at all? Here are the answers. Are there any disadvantages at all? what are the Best Carbon Fiber Wheels in the World? – Here are the answers. 

In this article: BMW S 1000 RR 

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VanderHeide Motorcycles on BST Carbon Fiber wheels

VanderHeide Motorcycles BST Carbon Fiber wheels

BST Carbon Fiber WHEELS chosen for the Carbon Fiber VanDer Heide

Front: 17” 5-spoke carbon fiber BST Carbon Fiber wheels –  Black Stars
Rear: 17” 5-spoke carbon fiber BlackStone Tek (BST) Black Star


100% carbon fiber monocoque
100% carbon fiber swingarm
100% carbon fiber front forks
Rear facing radiator: for optimal aerodynamics and cooling efficiency
24 liters of fuel capacity in the monocoque chassis (no separate fuel tank)


Light and Lean from Australia

By Doc Robinson of Heavy Duty Magazine, Australia

PhotoID52289-largeInterestingly, when this Ironhead Sportster motor went down the line at Harley-Davidson’s Engine Plant in Milwaukee some time in 1967, carbon fiber hardly existed. Sure, it was back in the 1950s that the first carbon fibers were developed for use on missiles, but they were primitive compared with today’s product. And it wasn’t until the 1970s that today’s carbon fiber composites began to be refined to the point where they became suitable for a wide range of uses.

Carbon fiber’s high strength-to-weight ratio is the core property that makes it such an appealing product to use in all kinds of applications, including cars, motorcycles, fishing rods, guitars and racquet frames, to name but a few. However, you don’t see much of it in the custom bike world and there’s a good reason for this; it’s a real bastard to work with.






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Street Legal NCR M4 Motorcycle

NCR-M4-and-M4-One-Shot-NCR is pleased to announce a new street legal motorcycle being homologated, initially, for the US market and then for the European and other markets. The new NCR M4 derives from years of building and racing the NCR Millona to many victories and championships in many countries. The Millona is known for it’s light weight and amazing handling. Using the same basic geometry and concept, the M4 was designed to be as light or lighter in street trim than the original Millona was in race trim.

The air cooled NCR M4 comes with a titanium frame and subframe along with carbon fiber tank, BST wheels, instrument cluster, airbox, oil cooler housing and fenders. An innovative central electronic package allows for quick disconnects by way of top grade military connectors along with access to many features by way of an USB computer interface and software. NCR exotic parts like billet triple clamps, fork bottoms, rearsets along with Brembo radial controls and calipers and Ohlins suspension front and back add to the impressive list of features.

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