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Blackstone takes the Win! – German  Wheels Test

The Best Carbon Fiber Wheels in the World ( apologies  – Google translate from the original German )

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Lighter wheels yes or no? Ask the most experienced driver. What do they bring? They improve the handling?  Is it worth the investment? Are there any disadvantages at all? Here are the answers. Are there any disadvantages at all? what are the Best Carbon Fiber Wheels in the World? – Here are the answers. 

In this article: BMW S 1000 RR 

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ISO9001:2008 Standards

The entire process is managed under ISO9001:2008 standards.



We design the tooling, moulds, wheel and the hubs and manufacture them onsite. Cutting machines such as those used in the aeronautical industry ensure that the process is guaranteed and repeatable to our high standards. Layup is done in a clean room (dust-free).

The wheels are cured in an Autoclave at 125 degrees C and 6 bar of pressure. This ensures the best compaction and surface finish. Every step of the process is logged and the entire history of each wheel is stored with its unique Serial Number.

The carbon fiber we use is a combination of woven and unidirectional formats, and is embedded in a resin matrix made from toughened epoxy.
Pre-preg is used as the machine application of the specific resin systems ensures the most controlled and even application and therefore the highest quality material for use in all BST products



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Tienie Fraser – BMW K 1300 R

Dear Terry / Sibongile and everybody else

IMG_2465I am so amazed by the Carbon rims , even i am not a Valentino Rossi , but i can clearly feel the difference this rims made to my bike . It’s suppose to be a heavy monster but with the Blackstone tek rims the bike is nimble as a 600 cc bike in the tight corners!!!!!!

Everybody who knows anything about bikes also mentioned the rims at almost every stop they were noticed by other bikers .

I absolutely love them and take care of them better than Bo Derek’s boyfriends took care of her  in the ’80’s  !!!!!!

I will send few more pics

Kindest regards

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