Gold Standard Grom on BST’s

Hey Terry, We have our race Grom with BST wheels..

This year will be the 3rd time we will be competing in the 24 hour endurance race on our grom. We’ve taken 1st place last 2 years so we are defending champs. grom - owned by chris lee

Last year, when the competition saw us with your BST wheels, they tried to get them banned, now everyone is buying them to compete with us. Our bike has become a gold standard!

Thanks again!



ISO9001:2008 Standards

The entire process is managed under ISO9001:2008 standards.



We design the tooling, moulds, wheel and the hubs and manufacture them onsite. Cutting machines such as those used in the aeronautical industry ensure that the process is guaranteed and repeatable to our high standards. Layup is done in a clean room (dust-free).

The wheels are cured in an Autoclave at 125 degrees C and 6 bar of pressure. This ensures the best compaction and surface finish. Every step of the process is logged and the entire history of each wheel is stored with its unique Serial Number.

The carbon fiber we use is a combination of woven and unidirectional formats, and is embedded in a resin matrix made from toughened epoxy.
Pre-preg is used as the machine application of the specific resin systems ensures the most controlled and even application and therefore the highest quality material for use in all BST products



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