ARCH Motorcycles BST Carbon Parts

BST Carbon Fibre Wheels now standard on all ARCH Motorcycles

Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger introduced their ARCH motorcycles – magnificent, versatile, performance motorcycles with the perfect balance of power and design, all featuring BST Carbon Fibre Wheels.


Their flagship model is the KRGT-1, which together with the 1s, show their huge passion for motorcycles, art and performance – a perfect match for BST.  ARCH needs real specialists who can translate their designs into beautiful, functional carbon parts. That’s BST – we’re their chosen technical partner and one-stop-shop for all their carbon fibre work. 


Look out for the BST work in the turbine design wheel, fuel cells, huggers and some other serious parts.


BST is the carbon fibre authority when it comes to optimising carbon fibre technology to reduce unsprung weight and to change the moment of inertia on a wheel – making the ARCH faster, lighter and easier to handle. BST Carbon Fibre Wheels help shed massive amounts of unsprung weight to contribute significantly to the performance and make it an even more enjoyable ride.

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