VUHL’s 05RR with BST Carbon Fibre Car Wheels
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BST gets in on the automotive scene with VUHL

How do you make a supercar faster AND safer?  BST manufactures carbon fibre wheels for the

VUHL’s 05RR road registered – but track focussed – supercar.  This particular design is exclusive to the Vuhl and weigh in at only 4.5kg for the 17” wheels.  They are the lightest automotive carbon wheels on the market.

 VUHL’s technical director, Iker Echeverria, sought to upgrade the car in every area, including the lightweight, super-strong BST Carbon Fibre Wheels to make it faster, more engaging and more aggressive. How quickly does the VUHL sprint from 0-60?  It takes 3.2 seconds, reaching maximum speed at 152 mph. And the car weighs only 1,488 pounds, thanks to the carbon fibre wheels and body parts.

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