Motorcycle styles

Ink color finishes – customise your set of wheels

The intensity of the color varies significantly in different light conditions and becomes more apparent in brighter light.

Motorcycle wheels

ARCH Motorcycles – wheels for 2 new bikes to be launched in 2019, plus a suite of other parts

• Ducati Motor Holdings – wheels for the 2017 Superleggera, and now for the 2020 Edition F4

• MV Agusta – wheels for the Brutale Pro and the Claudio F4

• Norton Motorcycles – wheels and fuel tanks for 2019

• Harley-Davidson – introduction of new BST wheel styles for many H-D and V-Twin bikes

• Confederate Motorcycles – BST makes all the wheels including the solid spoke

• Energica – MotoE World Championships wheels

• MotoGP – design, tooling, testing and manufacturing completed, testing underway

 • Other brands: BMW, Benelli, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

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Automotive wheels

• VUHL – wheels for the ROC series 2019 Mexico

• Donkervoort – exclusive manufacture of wheels for the GTO D8-40

• Ariel –wheels and a suite of parts for the Ariel Atom supercar

• Vintech – wheels and components for limited edition of super-special Porsches

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Structural components

BST manufactures a number of structural components such as single-sided swingarms, fuel tanks, frames, sub-frames and fenders. 

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Custom-built products

BST design, engineer and manufactures custom-built components and products for various clients worldwide. Some of these are components for the featured Veloce range of coffee machines that look like a Formula One engine. 

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